DDEEA Global Scholars Scholarship

This scholarship is available to UW-Madison students participating in the following Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA) affiliated programs: Center for Educational Opportunity, Mercile J. Lee Scholarship Program, First Wave, PEOPLE, McNair Scholars Program, or the Posse Program who are interesting in studying abroad. The scholarship is designed to support DDEEA Scholars who are engaging in a UW Study Abroad opportunity during the Summer 2022 term. Applicant must be in the process of applying, or have already applied, to a UW Study Abroad program for Summer 2022.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Students must participate in one of the following programs within the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement:
    • Center for Educational Opportunity
    • Mercile J. Lee Scholarship Program
    • First Wave
    • McNair Scholars
    • PEOPLE
    • Posse Program
  2. Students must be in the process of applying, or have already applied, to a UW Study Abroad program for Summer 2022 (UW Global Gateway Programs are not eligible)
  3. Students will have at least one semester on UW-Madison’s campus after you return from your study abroad program
  4. Students commit to the DDEEA Global Scholars Scholarship pre-departure, Global Scholars Project, and upon return requirements

How to Apply
Application is open NOW The deadline is March 15, 2022. If your study abroad program application isn’t required to be complete until after this date, you must still submit your scholarship application by this date to be considered. However, you must already be in the process of applying to your program by March 15, 2022 in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Incomplete scholarship applications or applications submitted to the office will not be considered. To apply, please log into Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) through your student center or by logging in directly using the ‘My Applications’ button at the top of this page.

Selection Criteria
Student applications will undergo a holistic review to include the following considerations:
  • Financial Need
  • STEM major
  • First Time Abroad
  • First Generation College Student
  • Program is less than four weeks
  • Time to Degree Completion
  • Two Essays

UW Study Abroad and DDEEA takes into consideration other awards a student may have been offered.

Award Information
Awards will be at least $1,000 per award towards UW Study Abroad short-term programs.

Conditions of Award
Completion of the study abroad program is a requirement of the scholarship. In addition, recipients are required to meet with DDEEA Staff prior to their departure and upon return from their study abroad, and complete the DDEEA Global Scholars Project. The Global Scholars Project will connect the academic, career, and personal goals that the students share in their application essay to their lived experience while abroad through documentation of their experience and a reflection project upon their return. Scholars will meet for a pre-departure session to work with the DDEEA Staff to review their essay and create a skills and goals template to guide their documentation while abroad. They can utilize their strengths whether it is blogging, writing, visual documentation through videos, recorded audio, or a combination of mediums.

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International Academic Programs
Supplemental Questions
  1. In which DDEEA-Affiliated Program, Service, or Center do you participate?
  2. Who is your advisor for the DDEEA-Affiliated Program, Service or Center?
  3. Have you met with your DDEEA-Affiliated advisor about your study abroad plans?
  4. What are your intended major/s and certificate?
  5. Is your intended study abroad program four weeks or longer?
  6. What date have you arranged to depart for your study abroad program?
  7. Have you been accepted into this study abroad program?
  8. Have you received any funding or scholarships to support this study abroad program?
  9. If Yes, please list all scholarships, fellowships, awards or grants with the amounts you have received.
  10. Have you previously participated in a study abroad program?
  11. If Yes, please tell us where, when and for how long you studied.
  12. In submitting this application I confirm and agree to the following requirements for eligibility:
    1. I participate in or receive services from a program, office, center or service within the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement
    2. I have applied to a UW Madison-International Academic Programs (IAP) study abroad program
    3. I will have at least one semester on UW Madison's campus after I return from my study abroad program
    4. I commit to the DDEEA Study Abroad Scholarship pre-departure and upon return requirements

    • Meet with DDEEA-affiliated program/service advisor for program review and various requirements
    • Commit to complete the Global Scholars Project
    • Attend the DDEEA Pre-departure Session

    • Attend a DDEEA Returned Study Abroad Session to workshop their Global Scholars Project and submit a completed Global Scholars Project before the end of the semester after their return
  13. Why do you want to study abroad? (limit to 500 words)
  14. How does studying abroad in this program connect to your academic, professional/future, and personal goals? (limit to 500 words)
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