Advertising Research Foundation Workforce Initiative for Diversity and Excellence Scholarship (ARF WIDE)

We will begin reviewing applications on August 5 Application officially closes September 1

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), through its Workforce Initiative for Diversity and Excellence (WIDE) Scholars program, seeks to award scholarships and to provide learning opportunities and internship experiences to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have an interest and talent in the fields of advertising, marketing, media and market research, and data analytics.

The scholarship provides $5,000 for the 2022-2023 academic year ($2,500/semester). This is a renewable scholarship! ARF WIDE Scholars who continue to meet the criteria and are full-time students in good standing are eligible to have their scholarship renewed for the 2023-2024 school year.

In addition to providing financial awards, a key feature of the ARF WIDE program is providing students with exposure to the fields served by the ARF. Scholars must commit to participating selected ARF opportunities detailed below. Opportunities such as these may be available for any applicant to this scholarship, regardless of if they are chosen for merit aid.

Criteria for this award includes:

  1. Student is currently enrolled in full-time program of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree (application is open to students of all majors, though it is anticipated that most applicants will be majoring in business, social sciences, or data sciences).
  2. Student has at least four remaining semesters at the UW. (Priority will be given to those with only four remaining)
  3. Student is maintaining at least a 3.0 average in coursework.
  4. Student has expressed interest in potentially working in the fields of advertising, marketing, media, media research, market research, consumer insights, data analytics and/or similar.
  5. Student comes from a disadvantaged background as defined by ARFCF, the markers of which may include:
    – Low-income family
    – Racial minority
    – From a poor, low-mobility urban, suburban or rural area
    – First-generation to attend college
    – Qualifies for financial aid through programs like Pell Grants
    – Recent transfer to 4-year institution from a community college
  6. Student must agree to complete, at the end of each academic year, a letter describing how the scholarship funds and the contacts with ARF have affected their academic experience and/or their future plans.
  7. Student must agree to sign the ARF WIDE Scholar Commitment Form (See details below)

ARF WIDE Scholar Commitment Form
Finalists in consideration will have the form sent to their email. Failure to return the signed form by the due date indicated in the email will disqualify you from being offered the award. You are asked to commit to the following.

  1. Participate in eight Learning Labs (including orientation and closing ceremony) over the course of the 24-month program
  2. Engagement in YP Coach model
    – Meet every other month (virtually)
    – Attend three online ARF events (annually) with YP Coach
    – Show initiative in completing tasks
    – Strengthen your individual professional profiles
    – Expand your professional network
  3. Engagement in Executive Mentor model
    – Meet 1x per quarter (virtually)
    – Practice informational interviews
    – Expand your professional network
  4. Provide feedback on ARF program to continue to evolve program elements to benefit scholars

Learn more about the Advertising Research Foundation and the Workforce Initiative for Diversity and Excellence at

Wisconsin School of Business - BBA Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your Resume
  2. Please provide a short essay that answers the following questions: i. Why you selected your particular major/program? What classes have you taken that will prepare you for a career in advertising, marketing, media and market research, and data analytics? ii. Why are you applying for scholarship support? (Explain how you meet section e of the criteria) iii. How will the ARF WIDE scholarship help you to attain your goals? iv. Do you think of yourself as more quantitative or more verbal? How does that affect your thinking about a future career? Essay can be between 500-1000 words, but not more than 2 pages in length
  3. Are you interested in potentially working in the following fields? Select all that apply
  4. I have read what commitments I will be asked to agree to and understand that to be offered the award I will have to return a signed copy of the Commitment Form (provided to finalists).
  5. How many full time load semesters do you have left before graduation? (Full time status requires 12 credits minimum)