IAP General Study Abroad Scholarship

The IAP General Study Abroad Scholarship is for scholarships not requiring essays that are available to students planning to attend a UW Study Abroad program. All CALS, Engineering, IAP, and WSB students are eligible! The IAP General Study Abroad Scholarship includes the following scholarship opportunities:

  • Alvarado Global Experience Scholarship
  • Cerk Family Fund
  • Dorothy E. Paull Fund
  • Elizabeth A. Garden Memorial Scholarship
  • George and Lisa McReddie Scholarship
  • Great People-International Studies Scholarship
  • Huibregste Family Award
  • Joseph Elder Scholarship
  • Julie and Michael Gerend Scholarship
  • Laurent A. Makward Memorial Scholarship
  • Madsen Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Mary and Wilburt Dupont Fund Scholarship
  • Morton and Lena G. Wax Scholarship
  • Nave Scholarship (LACIS)
  • Robert B. Olson International Experience Scholarship
  • Study Abroad Alumni & Friends Scholarship
  • Val Shepperd Memorial Scholarship
  • UW Wisconsin in Washington D.C. Internship Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility varies depending on the criteria of each scholarship. Scholarships for virtual programs will be more limited. We encourage you to review scholarships you think you may be eligible for and apply to them. FAFSA not required, however financial need is a consideration for some of the scholarships. For this application round, an applicant must:

  1. Be in the process of applying, or have already applied, to a UW Study Abroad program for Spring 2022, Winter Intersession 2021-22, Spring Break 2022, or Calendar Year 2022.
  2. Be a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at UW-Madison
  3. Complete and submit scholarship application by October 1, 2021 on the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH).

How to Apply
Application is open NOW! The deadline is October 1, 2021. If your study abroad program application isn’t required to be complete until after this date, you must still submit your scholarship application by this date to be considered. However, you must already be in the process of applying to your program by October 1, 2021 in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Incomplete scholarship applications or applications submitted to the office will not be considered. To apply, please log into Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) through your student center or by logging in directly using the ‘My Applications’ button at the top of this page.

Selection Criteria
No essay required! UW Study Abroad takes into consideration other awards a student may have been offered.

Additional consideration for some of the awards will be given to students who possess the following characteristics and/or traits:

  • First generation college student
  • First time traveling abroad
  • Financial need
  • Program Location in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, or Washington D.C.
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Semester and Year-long Programs
  • Graduate of Wisconsin Public High School
  • Evan’s Scholars
  • STEM majors

Donor Information
Additional information on the scholarships and their respective donors can be found on the Scholarship Chart

Conditions of Award
Completion of the study abroad program is a requirement of the scholarship. In addition, recipients are required to submit a thank-you letter for the donor.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a full-time, degree-seeking graduate or undergraduate student at UW-Madison?