Cross-Departmental Graduate Awards Application

Welcome graduate students! Completing this application will place you in a pool of candidates eligible for a few different awards from the School of Education. Each award has its own eligibility requirements; however, all students must be enrolled – and remain full-time, while receiving any of these awards.

Be sure to note this application closes January 31, 2021.

Arvil S. Barr Fellowship (through Lillian Whittinghill Estate)
The recipient must be a dissertator (by fall semester 2021) in the School of Education whose academic and research program focus is on learning, teaching, or teacher education. The award includes monthly stipend, tuition and fees, and fringe benefits. Note: This fellowship is considered to be 100% time; eligibility for additional employment of any kind through UW–Madison, including but not limited to graduate assistantships, paid internships, and other fellowships, may be affected by this award. There is a firm University policy of a limit of 133.33% on appointments for graduate students.
$32,000 (1 award)

Arvil S. Barr Graduate Award
The recipient must be a graduate student in the School of Education whose major focus, in terms of program studies and research projects, is teacher education.
$5,000 (1 award)

Theodora Herfurth Kubly Minority Fellowships
The recipient must be a graduate student in the School of Education from an underrepresented group. The recipient shall be designated a “Kubly Scholar.”
$5,000 (3 awards)

Christine and Philip Lodewick Fellowship
A graduate student who intends to pursue a career in serving schools with predominately underrepresented populations and who is most likely to be an outstanding leader in the field of multicultural education.
$5,000 (2 awards)

Thora Wick Homme Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to the runner-up of the Arvil S. Barr Fellowship.
$5,000 (1 award)

Completed applications will be collected through the WiSH system and then forwarded to the student’s respective department. Departments will then review applications, and from there, select a nominee to be furthered on to a Cross-Departmental Faculty Review Committee for the final selection for these awards.

Note: The Michael W. Apple Fellowship requires a separate application, which can be found by searching the WiSH system.

If you have any questions about these awards, please contact Mary Condon at

Department of Art, Department of Kinesiology, School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (Cross-Grad) In which School of Education department are you pursuing a graduate degree?
  2. (Cross-Grad) During the aid year of the award (upcoming fall term), which degree will you be pursuing?
  3. (Cross-Grad) When do you intend to graduate? Please provide your answer in month/year format.
  4. (Cross-Grad) Will you be a dissertator in the aid year of the award (the award aid year starts with the upcoming fall term)?
  5. (Cross-Grad) I confirm that I will be enrolled as a full-time student during the year of the award.
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