Department of History Undergraduate Writing Prize Application

One application in the WiSH system, Department of History Undergraduate Writing Prize Application, allows students to apply for up to eight History writing prizes at once. By completing this application, you will be considered (if you are eligible) for the following writing prizes from the Department of History:

  • William F. Allen Prize
  • Baensch Prize
  • Andrew Bergman Prize
  • Curti Prize
  • Paul Glad Prize
  • Fred Harvey Harrington Prize
  • Paul J. Schrag Prize
  • Alfred Erich Senn Prize

Awards range in the amount of $200 to $1,250. Your application will be considered for specific prizes based on your answers to the questions in this application, eligibility factors, and the materials provided. For an overview of each writing prize, see the Department of History Undergraduate Scholarships webpage.

Varies ($200 to $1,250)
Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a declared History major?
  2. Are you a declared History certificate student?
  3. What is the title of your paper?
  4. Which history course was this paper created for? (course number and title)
  5. Which faculty member supervised this paper?
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