Alexa Posny Award #1

Dr. Alexa Posny has spent her career as a public servant and leader in the fields of Special Education and Educational Policy. In recognition of the importance of practical experience in the field, as well as the value of networking and building collegial relationships for early career success, she has created this award fund to increase opportunity and affordability for graduate students taking advantage of internships that will serve their career goals. The award is available to graduate students in the School of Education whose work involves the study of special education or educational policy and who are pursuing an internship opportunity in the Washington D.C. area.

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (POSNY #1) Applicant can commit to relocating to the Washington D. C. area for the upcoming summer.
  2. (POSNY #1) Write a brief statement (no more than 1 page) indicating your interest/intent in completing a summer internship in Washington D. C. Include your internship plans or your ideas for acquiring an internship.