Undergraduate Writing Fellows

The Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program, co-sponsored by The Writing Center and the College of Letters and Science, brings talented undergraduates and committed faculty together in a cooperative effort to improve student writing. The program prepares selected students from a wide range of majors and backgrounds to serve as peer writing tutors, called Writing Fellows. Fellows work closely with professors and students on writing in specific writing courses across the College of Letters and Science. The program enables accomplished and enthusiastic student writers to share their writing skills and intellectual curiosity with other undergraduates. Students apply in March to begin as Fellows the following September. Enrollment in the Writing Fellows training seminar, English 403, is required for all new Writing Fellows.

Eligibility Criteria
To be considered for the program, applicants must be in good academic standing at UW-Madison and have at least two semesters remaining at the University (including fall following the semester of application). Students selected to be Fellows must enroll in a three-credit, writing-intensive honors seminar on tutoring writing across the curriculum.

How to Apply
Applications will be due in March of each year and selected Fellows will begin their work the following Fall semester.

Prospective Fellows will submit a personal statement, short answers to several application questions, two academic writing samples (written for two different courses at UW-Madison), one letter of recommendation from a professor or teaching assistant at UW-Madison, and undergraduate transcript(s).

Selected applicants will be invited to a thirty-minute interview. If you have been selected for an interview you will hear from us by late March/early April. Decisions will finalized by the end of April.

Selection Criteria
We are looking for highly motivated, independent, articulate, personable, kind, and diplomatic students. We are most interested in students who are successful and enthusiastic writers and who also are dynamic and intellectually engaged in class discussions, who enjoy working with others, and who will be able to hold their own in conferences with faculty and with student peers.

Award Information
Accepted students will be invited to join the Writing Fellows Program, and will receive a scholarship of $1,000 for each semester of participation.

Conditions of Award
All accepted Writing Fellows must complete English 403, a three-credit, writing-intensive honors seminar on tutoring writing across the curriculum. They must be currently-enrolled undergraduates and must remain in good standing with the Writing Fellows Program.

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The Writing Fellows Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Before you begin the application process, there are a few things we want you to know about our expectations and about the role you would play as a Writing Fellow.

    The Writing Fellows program welcomes undergraduate applicants from diverse majors, backgrounds, and experiences, and is committed to supporting their work with various writers across campus. Successful candidates will be those who demonstrate strong communication skills, have a range of writing experiences, and have a genuine interest in collaborating with a diverse student body.

    Becoming a Fellow is both an honor and a serious commitment. As you decide whether to apply, keep in mind that students selected to be Fellows must enroll in a three-credit, writing-intensive honors seminar on tutoring writing across the curriculum. At the same time, Writing Fellows are assigned to work with a faculty member who is teaching a writing-intensive, Communications B, or FIG course. The Fellows work with 10-15 students in the class, reading drafts, giving thoughtful written feedback, and holding conferences with students to offer suggestions for revision. Fellows work in two-week blocks twice during the semester, offering feedback in the first week and meeting with students in the second. Because Fellows work within the established deadlines of specific courses, they must possess excellent time management skills.

    Once Writing Fellows are accepted into the program, it is our hope and expectation that they will be able to continue in the program throughout their time at the university.

    Please answer the questions listed below. Be sure to note the required questions (indicated by asterisks) and the maximum word count. Responses may be revised until the time you submit your application. (You may wish to compose your responses in a separate document and paste them into the boxes provided.) Please be sure to save your work at regular intervals.

    Applications are due March 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. If you are selected for an interview, you will hear from the committee via your campus email by early to mid-April.

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