Ernest Brown Skinner Fund for Undergraduate Travel

The Ernest Brown Skinner Fund was established June 30, 1998 in memory of Ernest Brown Skinner, Professor of Mathematics 1893-1935, with a bequest of Ernest Brown Skinner’s daughter, and a gift from Merrill Edward Skinner. Merrill Skinner received a BA in Chemistry in 1914 and BS in Electrical Engineering in 1915 from the University of Wisconsin. The fund is used to support both undergraduate and graduate student travel to conferences and workshops related to the student’s interests which will help advance their knowledge and academic careers.

This fund is maintained by the Department of Mathematics with the goal of providing financial support to undergraduate students that wish to travel to a particular event, conference, etc., that relates to their academic interests in mathematics. If a student’s application for travel funding is approved, the Department of Mathematics will distribute a financial award sum to the student for a particular amount upon acquisition of expense receipts. Qualified students will receive some amount of financial award paid to their student account based on travel fees.

A final award amount will be determined upon receipt of proof of expenses. You should save receipts for all travel/event expenses during the trip, including transportation fees (airfare, taxis, etc.), hotel fees, conference registration fees, meals, etc. Skinner Fund financial support will not be used to pay for the student’s travel/event expenses before receipts have been received by the Department of Mathematics. The award will be processed and paid through our campus e-reimbursement system whenever possible. If e-reimbursement cannot be used, the award will be processed through payroll/Bursar’s Office which may affect taxes and/or financial aid.

Note that while the Math Department requests all receipts, we are not able to base a travel award on airfare costs (unless the student is booking tickets via Concur), hotel bookings through a third party such as Expedia or (though booking directly via the hotel itself will allow us to use that expense in justifying the award amount), or Airbnb.

After attending the event, students will be required to submit all expense receipts through a form within 7 days after the event’s conclusion. Once documentation has been received, next steps can be taken to determine how the award can be processed.

Application Information
The below steps outline the steps and workflow for the process of the funding application, application review and offer, additional material submission, and fund disbursement:

1) Applicants will be expected to provide details on the amount of funding requested, the purpose of the funding, as well as information on someone that can write a letter of support. (Individuals that are selected to write a letter of support will be notified of the applicant’s request.)

2) Applications will be reviewed on or around the first of each month, and applicants will be notified when the Department of Mathematics does so.

3) Students will accept the offer by submitting receipts through a form sent by a representative of the Department of Mathematics. Student will be expected to provide detailed receipts of their travel, registration, hotel fees, etc., to the Department of Mathematics. Students will not be awarded any amount prior to receipt submission. Awards will be made up to $500. Final award will be determined upon receipt of proof of expenses.

4) Award will be disbursed as appropriate upon acquisition of necessary receipts.

Up to $500
Department of Mathematics
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please check off all that apply. The purpose of the travel is:
  2. Please upload a short proposal indicating why you would like this travel funding.
  3. Please provide the name and email address of a reference that can write you a letter of support/recommendation.