Louise Troxell Award

The Louise Troxell Award provides a one time award to an outstanding female junior or senior undergraduate after nomination by faculty or academic staff. Nominated candidates from any colleges and schools are welcome. Nominees have demonstrated excellent intellectual ability and curiosity, engaged citizenry, appreciation of the broader world and participation in its affairs. While junior women are eligible, selected recipients have traditionally been seniors due to their more robust resumes of on-campus service and leadership. Only currently enrolled, U.S. citizens are considered. Finalists are of high academic caliber, very active on campus and/or in community activities and are usually aspiring to continue their education in graduate or professional schools.

Mrs. Louise Troxell was Dean of Women on this campus from 1931 until 1956. The Louise Troxell award was established to honor her years of outstanding leadership and devotion to the cause of women on our campus.

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College of Letters and Science
Supplemental Questions
  1. (T/G) The Louise Troxell Award requires nomination prior to completion of application. Please provide the name and email address of the UW faculty or academic staff member who nominated you for this award as provided in your invitational email. If you have not been nominated, please discontinue application; you are not eligible.
  2. When is your expected graduation date (Month/Year)?
  3. (T/G) Please describe an activity, community service commitment or other involvement during your undergraduate career at UW-Madison that demonstrates your curiosity, engaged citizenry, appreciation of the broader world and participation in global affairs. This lived experience should reflect significant engagement and leadership (time, effort, role, commitment, accomplishment). Describe your participation and how your participation affected you and impacted the outside world.
  4. (T/G) Please provide your resume (PDF) formatted to include the following topics. Include dates and your role in or contribution to the activities: Campus organizations, leadership, and involvement activities (non-paid), membership in honoraries and/or honors received as an undergraduate at UW-Madison, community or volunteer work (non-paid), work experience as an undergraduate, research and other academic endeavors and activities. Briefly describe your participation or position beginning with the most recent (within each section stated above). Include beginning and end dates and hours spent per week on the activity. Do not submit more than 2 pages. Submit as PDF.
  5. (T/G) Is there any other information the Scholarships Committee should know about you pertaining to the review and assessment of your application? This is your opportunity to tell us about any extenuating circumstances (financial or otherwise), challenges, identity and/or family experiences and history, exceptional talents or accomplishments, lived experiences or other factors that are not contained in other areas of the application that may impact its review. L&S values diversity of all kinds and we welcome you to share information about communities with which you identify. Please be specific when presenting the additional information while honoring your need for privacy and discretion.