PhD Dissertation/MS Thesis/MFA Project Award

School-level competitive awards that support the research, scholarship and creative work of graduate students from all departments who are in the final stage of their graduate program. Funding is limited; therefore, a small number of scholarships will be awarded in the $500-$3,500 range. Scholarship award winners may be asked to present their research results at future SoHE events featuring graduate student work.

• MS, MFA or PhD Human Ecology graduate student in good academic standing who is in the final stages of their graduate program
• Research or creative project must directly relate to work on a thesis or doctoral dissertation. Candidate’s proposed project must be approved by their committee prior to submitting an application

Required Application Materials
1. Project description (no more than two pages) that includes the purpose, methods/approach, and significance. Quality descriptions will also address how the project relates to the student’s professional development. Doctoral applicants’
proposals should demonstrate evidence that they are making a new contribution to their field or body of work.
2. Budget page and justification of expenditures needed in order to complete the project
3. Timeline for completing the project
4. Curriculum vitae—one page maximum, including cumulative GPA
5. A confidential letter from the faculty advisor* regarding the merits of the student’s proposal, including a statement verifying that the project has been approved by the student’s committee and will be completed in a timely manner

*Advisors submitting recommendations for more than one student should make clear distinctions between students regarding the merits of each individual’s work. Confidential letters must be delivered/emailed directly to Michelle Hamilton

Review Criteria
Applications will be evaluated and ranked by the SoHE Graduate Program Committee (GPC) according to the following criteria:
1. Overall quality and clarity of proposal
2. Importance of the project to the student’s professional development
3. Student’s academic record (GPA and other indicators of academic and professional achievement)
4. Appropriateness of the proposed budget for the work outlined
5. Quality letter of support from the student’s faculty advisor

$500 - $3,500