Biochemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Award

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Awards aid undergraduates in gaining focused, full-time research experience early in their academic career. Awards support students working full-time in a research lab during the summer.

Program Outline
Work in a lab at UW–Madison full-time (equivalent of 30-40 hours/week over eight weeks) during the summer following receipt of the award
Submit a research report of approximately 500 to 1,000 words upon completion of research (no later than the first day of class of the fall term)

Conditions of Award
Students must be an enrolled undergraduate for the following fall semester; must be a declared biochemistry major; must be working in a lab at UW-Madison full-time (equivalent of 30-40 hours per week over eight weeks) during the upcoming summer. Award recipients must submit a research report of approximately 500 to 1,000 words upon completion of research (no later than the first day of class of the following fall term).

Students may not accept other research funding or awards for use during the summer in which they will receive the biochemistry summer research award. If a student receives a Hilldale award, the Hilldale work (i. e. registration for the corresponding credits of directed study/senior thesis) must be performed during the academic year, so that the biochemistry award can be utilized for the summer research project. If a student chooses to accept a non-biochemistry summer award, they may not move their biochemistry award to a different term/semester but rather must choose one award or the other.

Donor Information
Biochemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Awards are generously supported by the following:

  • Gilboe Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • E. W. Hopkins Fund
  • Carl Krieger Memorial Fellowship Fund
  • Floyd C. McIntire Biochemistry Award Fund
  • Eric Bey and Amanda Boley
  • Henry A. Lardy Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Marc A.T. Muskavitch Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Jack Gorski Fund
  • Ezra L. Totton Scholarship in Biochemistry

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Department of Biochemistry
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit the name and email address of the faculty mentor supervising your project in order to request a letter of recommendation from them. Faculty Letters of Recommendation must be received no later than February 4.
  2. Please upload one bookmarked PDF which contains the following: 1. A cover page containing the following: • your name • year of study in your undergraduate career • GPA • expected graduation date •name and department of your faculty research advisor • description of part-time work expected during the school year, including hours per week and type of work. 2. A current resume or curriculum vita (CV). For help with your resume/CV, please visit your school or college's career services office. 3. A personal statement describing your personal interests, career goals, and previous lab experience. Your personal statement should be one page, 11-point font or larger, 0.8 inch margins. 4. A research/project proposal for your summer research project of no more than five double-spaced pages, at least .8 inch margins and at least 11 point font. The abstract and references are included in the five page limit. Your proposal should contain the following: • Abstract (200 words or less, may be single-spaced) • Background and significance (literature review) • Methods (plans for data collection and analysis) • References (may be single-spaced)