Continuing Education (CE) Grant

The Continuing Education tuition grant supports adult students who have experienced a significant break in their formal education and are attending school part time. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Combined/cumulative gap of at least 5 years at any point in pursuing higher education
  • Clearly stated educational goals
  • Not eligible for state or federal grants or scholarships, including veteran’s benefits
  • Admission and Enrollment in a degree program or as a University Special student for the Spring 2021 term. (Preference is given to those enrolled less than full time) (PhD, Dissertators and Doctoral students are NOT eligible)
  • An individual may receive the grant a maximum of two terms

Minimum $400
Continuing Education Grants, Division of Continuing Studies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Preface

    The Continuing Education Grant supports adult students who have experienced a significant break in formal education. The Office of Student Financial Aid graciously allocated $50,000 of the Margaret and Allard Smith Fund to Adult Career and Special Student Services in 2020, which resulted in 25 student awards!

    Applicants must be admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Fall 2021 and enrolled by the stated Grant application deadline in order to be considered. For additional eligibility criteria, make sure to review the Continuing Education Grant webpage at
    • Previous Education
      • 1. Please list your high school and all schools of higher education in which you have attended, including UW-Madison. Include each school's name, years of attendance, major/program, degree(s) earned, graduation date(s) and respective cumulative GPA. (If at any time, your GPA was under 2.5, please briefly explain here.)
      • 2. What is the *cumulative* number of years in which you experienced breaks in your pursuit of higher education? (Please include the total number of years which can include multiple breaks.)
      • 3. Briefly indicate the dates/years of your educational break(s) and reason(s) for each break.
      • 4. Please briefly describe your readiness to continue your education.
    • Educational Plans
      • 5. Please indicate your anticipated UW-Madison credit load in the Fall 2021 term.
      • 6. Please indicate your anticipated UW-Madison course(s) in the Fall 2021 term.
      • 7. Anticipated degree completion term:
    • Family
      • 10. Do you anticipate a change in either your marital status or dependents in the next semester?
      • 8. What is your current marital status:
      • 9. How many dependent children do you have? (Please also include their age(s).)
    • Financial Information

      Please note that your financial information must be accurate at the time you apply. If married, you must include your spouse's earnings as well.

      If something changes with your finances after submitting the Grant application, please contact the Grant Coordinator at as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are currently unemployed, you must also explain your current living situation in the section regarding your financial circumstances.
      • 11. Are you the head of household according to the IRS?
      • 12. What was your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) in 2020? (Combined family income AFTER taxes.)
      • 13. What is your estimated Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) in 2021? (Combined family income AFTER taxes.)
      • 14. Please indicate any untaxed income. (AFDC, child support, SSI/SSDI, etc.)
      • 15. What is your household's current total cash and savings?
      • 16. Do you have access to these funds for tuition or other educational expenses?
      • 17. Please list any funds you expect to receive during the term for which you are applying for the CE Grant. (Please note, those receiving GI Bill or Pell Grants are not eligible for this Continuing Education Grant.)
      • 18. What is the sum amount of your household's average MONTHLY expenses?
      • 19. Please explain your financial circumstances leading to your request for assistance with educational expenses.
      • 20. Have you received a Continuing Education Grant before?
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