Chou Kuo-P'ing Book Award

Several awards will be given each year to undergraduate students who are studying and will continue to study Chinese during the following semester. This award is made possible through a donation by Professor Emerita Chou Kuo-p’ing, the founder of the Chinese program here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Professor Chou, a dedicated teacher, devoted her entire career to teaching, promoting and developing Chinese studies in Wisconsin.

Professor Chou was very active during her teaching career, and often helped financially disadvantaged students, especially those who excelled in their academic careers despite economic difficulties. Although this award is based mainly on the applicant’s academic performance, special consideration is given to those who are financially disadvantaged in order to carry on this tradition.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Major(s) & Certificate(s), please note college if not L&S:
  2. Please list all Chinese language courses previously taken or in progress:
  3. Will you be continuing your undergraduate study of Chinese at UW next semester?
  4. Please list any planned Chinese language course(s) enrollment at UW for the next semester
  5. Do you consider yourself as being financially disadvantaged?
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