The Windy City AOC Scholarship Award Program

The Windy City Association of Old Crows (WC-AOC) provides scholarships to Chicago-area college students studying in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The scholarship is administered by Windy City AOC Educational Foundation, a 501©(3) organization. For more information on the AOC, as well as the educational foundation, or on defense related technology, please visit or

These scholarships are intended to encourage and help Chicago-area collegiate students to pursue a career in Defense Technology, with scholarships made possible by contributions from friends of the Windy City Chapter. The scholarship program originated in 1983, and has now provided over $340,000 in scholarship aid to 171 deserving students. Scholarships are awarded every year. Applications are accepted in September and October, and awards are presented in early March.


· Student applicants must be a STEM major with a strong, demonstrated interest in Defense Technology. US Citizenship is required.

· Student applicants must be enrolled for fall (at time of application) and spring (at time of scholarship award) at a Chicago-area college or university (“Chicago-area” strictly meaning within 140 miles of the O’Hare Airport), and must have completed a minimum of half of the credit hours required for graduation at the college level prior to application, with minimum 3.00 GPA. Fall courses that are in progress at time of application do not apply to this minimum. Typically, first and second year college students are not yet eligible, and can apply in the fall of the Junior year of college. Part-time enrollment is acceptable, and the student may be enrolled in an undergraduate (Bachelors degree) or postgraduate (Masters, PhD) program.

Awards are not automatically renewed (for continuing students) – in other words, the same application process applies in the case of a former scholarship recipient.

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