McBurney Disability Resource Center Application

McBurney scholarships are open to undergraduate, graduate and professional school students with verified disabilities. See scholarship instructions.

McBurney Disability Resource Center
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you read the instructions under McBurney General Scholarships Information to ensure you complete all the required additional steps?
  2. What is your current status with the McBurney Disability Resource Center at UW-Madison (check all that apply)?
  3. Please check the appropriate boxes below to indicate any disabilities for which you have been diagnosed by a certified professional. Some McBurney scholarships are limited to individuals with certain types of disabilities. Please check McBurney's scholarship web page to ensure you are using the correct category for your disability, especially those with health-related or mobility disabilities.
  4. Please provide a concise description (2-4 sentences) of your disability(ies) so that non-disability professionals on the scholarship committee have a better understanding of the nature of your disability. Do not describe the financial, academic, and co-curricular impact of your disability as you will be given an opportunity to explain in detail later in this application.
  5. Briefly explain any impact your disability has on learning (e.g., problems with processing auditory information, difficulty with concentration, short-term memory problems, etc.) or any barriers your disability has created to accessing information and other learning supports (e.g., problems scheduling interpreting or CART services for impromptu study groups or tutoring sessions; inaccessible course materials or websites; difficulty with social interactions; etc.). Please indicate if this impact is ongoing. If not ongoing, please describe how frequently these disability-related circumstances have affected your academic work (e.g., I experienced a 4-week delay in finding a notetaker for my biochemistry class during Fall 2018.)
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