Jerome A. and Mary Straka Fellowship

The Straka Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship administered by the Graduate School. This fellowship supports dissertators pursuing a course of study in one of the fields of engineering, physical or biological sciences, mathematics or economics.

Eligibility Criteria
Dissertator conducting research in a STEM-related field.

Selection Criteria
The successful applicant will need to demonstrate how he/she qualifies as “gifted” and how he/she is representative of a middle-class, middle-income group.

Donor Information
Jerome A. and Mary Jane Straka Fellowship

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The Graduate School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Primary academic program and degree
  2. Semester and Year of Entry to Graduate Program (e.g., Fall 2018)
  3. Abstract of your dissertation research. Description should be accessible to reviewers from a broad range of STEM disciplines and speak to the broader impact of your research.
  4. Statement on how you fit the “gifted” criterion. This should include major competitive awards you have received, significant publications you have prepared for peer-reviewed journals and the status of those publications (submitted, accepted, published), and additional examples of your impact on the discipline and/or your academic program (scholarly accomplishments, leadership activities, service, etc.) that you believe would be helpful to the committee in making its recommendations. Limit = 500 words.
  5. Statement on how you fit the “middle-class” criterion. This should include examples in your upbringing or recent experiences to indicate how being part of the middle class has impacted your academic experience and personal worldview. It should especially highlight how you have been disadvantaged financially due to the inability to receive funding available for low-income students and/or the inability to cover educational expenses on your own. Limit = 500 words.
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