English Department Undergraduate Scholarships Application

The English Department Undergraduate Scholarships Application provides application for numerous scholarship opportunities, varying in number and amount and are awarded to students majoring in English. Scholarships recognize exceptional accomplishments in academic and creative endeavors. Eligible undergraduate students have distinguished themselves through academic excellence and service to the college or community, possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a GPA in the English major of 3.0 or higher. One application is completed for consideration of a variety of scholarship funds.

Student financial aid packages can be impacted by scholarship awards. It is recommended that students contact the financial aid office to learn about potential impact on current aid packages prior to completing an application.

For more general information or questions contact Chris Logterman, Undergraduate Advisor, at advisor@english.wisc.edu

Department of English
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please indicate the number of courses completed for the English major to date, at UW-Madison or another institution, and list the courses by name and course number. (A minimum of 4 courses is required to meet the scholarship eligibility. Please do not apply if you have not completed 4 courses for the English major.)
  2. If you were a transfer student, how many courses transferred into the English major? Please enter 0 if you were a transfer student, but no courses transferred into the major or enter NA if you were not a transfer student. The question MUST have a response.
  3. A minimum 3.0 GPA in the major is required for English department scholarships. What is your current English major GPA (from your DARs report)?
  4. Essay: Answer one of the following questions in a statement of 500 words or less. Indicate which statement you are answering by listing A or B. Option A - Describe a transformative insight you have had as an English major. This may relate to a specific course or area of study in your career as a student. OR Option B - What is the most meaningful way in which your English major coursework has prepared you to engage in the world outside the classroom?
  5. Essay: In 300 words or less, describe how one or more of your significant extra-curricular activities have impacted your life, academic career and future plans.
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