Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Scholarship

The purpose of the RSA scholarship is to increase the supply of qualified professionals to work for state VR agencies (i.e., the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or the comparable agencies in other states) or other agencies and programs that cooperate with state VR agencies in serving their clientele. The scholarship is structured as a forgivable loan and requires a commitment to work in VR or their contracting agencies after graduation for one year in exchange for each semester of scholarship received.

This scholarship is open to students in the Rehabilitation Psychology master’s program. The scholarship provides $6,000 toward tuition and a stipend of $1800 per semester for full-time students during fall or spring, and $4,200 toward tuition and a one-time stipend payment of $1,680 in summer. Each semester, applicants and current students in the Rehabilitation Psychology are notified by the RPSE department of the scholarship application process.

School of Education