Hellen M. Linksweiler MS-Clinical Nutrition Scholarship

The Hellen M. Linksweiler MS-Clinical Nutrition Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in the online Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (MS-CN) degree program.

An alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (M.S. 1949, Ph.D. 1951), Dr. Linksweiler was one of the pioneering women in nutrition research. She was a meticulous scientific investigator and a conscientious educator. Educating generations of students in human nutrition, Dr. Linksweiler was deeply passionate about the scientific method, teaching students to examine a question with a critical mind, and to communicate findings with clarity and brevity. In addition to her research contributions, Dr. Linksweiler was Treasurer of the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, an avid gardener, an excellent cook, and served as an educator and leader within her community.

The Department of Nutritional Sciences is proud to host the following scholarships in honor of Dr. Linksweiler:

Professional Development: $500
Awarded to students to support attendance at seminars, trainings and conferences, which advance knowledge and skills in the areas of clinical nutrition and nutrition research.

Nutrition Research: $500
Awarded to students to support a research project in the area of clinical nutrition. Funds may also be used to support attendance at conferences for research abstracts, posters and/or oral presentations. Funds may not be used to support labor within research projects.

Textbook fund: $800
Awarded to students for the purpose of purchasing textbooks and other necessary academic materials for the MS-CN.

Tuition: $1000
Awarded to students to subsidize graduate tuition within the UW-Madison MS-CN.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in the MS-CN.

Criteria for Selection and Application Review:

  • Financial Need
  • Quality of personal statement and career vision
  • Reason for seeking higher education
  • Two letters of recommendation (one should be academic, one should be professional)

Required Components:

  • Completed WiSH application
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • C.V./Resume

November 15, 2019, by 11:59 p.m. Central time
Deadline for online submission of application and supporting documents.

December 15, 2019
Notification of decisions emailed to applicants.

$500 - $1,000
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe your career vision and goals.
  2. Which award are you pursuing?
  3. Please elaborate on why you are pursuing the award selected above.
  4. Why is obtaining a graduate degree important to you?
  5. List professional memberships, indicate roles and dates (if applicable).
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