Gasch Family Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of Gasch family members who have graduated from CALS programs, including Russell Gasch, Milan Gasch, Vern Gasch, Gordon Gasch, Rodney Gasch, Tami Gasch, Audrey Gasch, and Evan Buechel, as well as UW-Madison alumni Marlys Gasch Parrott, Eldon F. Parrott, Renee Gasch, and Keegan Parrott.

FAFSA required prior to awarding decisions

Eligibility Criteria
Recipients for this scholarship must be sophomores or juniors in CALS, who demonstrate excellence in outreach, the Spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, and through leadership and citizenship, promote CALS programs, its mission, science-related careers, or service to students in under-served areas in Wisconsin, both rural and urban.

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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences