Scan|Design Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship for UW Transnational Experiences of African Americans in Denmark Program

This scholarship is designed to foster Danish-American relations by providing generous financial support to degree-seeking UW-Madison undergraduate students. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are participating on the UW Transnational Experiences of African Americans in Denmark study abroad program for Summer 2021 through the International Academic Programs (IAP), in partnership with CALS, Engineering, and Business. Upon return to Madison, recipients of this Scan|Design scholarship are expected to participate in activities involving Danish students on campus, promoting study abroad in Denmark, and in general fostering greater understanding of U.S. and Danish relations. The UW-Madison Scan|Design Fellowship Program is directed by Maj Fischer of the International Division.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be degree-seeking UW-Madison undergraduate students applying to the UW Transnational Experiences of African Americans in Denmark for Summer 2021. Applicants for this scholarship are not eligible for the general Scan|Design Scholarship program during Fall 2021 or Academic Year 2021-22.

How to Apply
Application is open NOW! The deadline is April 1, 2021. If your study abroad program application isn’t required to be complete until after this date, you must still submit your scholarship application by this date to be considered. However, you must already be in the process of applying to your program in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Incomplete scholarship applications or applications submitted to the office will not be considered. To apply, please log into Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) through your student center or by logging in directly using the ‘My Applications’ button at the top of this page

Selection Criteria
Essay required.

Donor Information
This scholarship is made possible through the generous donation of the Scan|Design Foundation. The Foundation was founded by Inger and Jens Bruun to support Danish American relations. During their lifetime, Inger & Jens sponsored over 150 Danish interns and welcomed them into their home during their stay in America. Supporting student study in Denmark is a key program focus for the foundation. Students are strongly encouraged to experience Danish culture, make friends, and explore the country while studying in Denmark.

Award Information
$1,500 per scholarship awarded
Additional need-based funds available, starting $1,500

Conditions of Award
Completion of the UW Transnational Experiences of African Americans in Denmark for Summer 2021 study abroad program is a requirement of the scholarship. In addition, recipients are required to submit a thank-you letter for the donor, a one paragraph biography and digital photo of yourself to be posted on the Scan|Design Foundation website, and complete a written evaluation of your experience to be submitted to the Scan|Design Foundation no later than one month after the end of your program. Recipients are also expected to participate in Scan|Design alumni activities upon return to Madison as a way to build community for the Danish students in Madison.

International Academic Programs (IAP)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate student at UW-Madison?
  2. Please confirm that you will be back on the UW Madison campus for at least one semester following the conclusion of your study abroad program in Denmark.
  3. What are your academic goals, and how will your intended program help you meet them?
  4. Do you have any previous experience in Denmark or exposure to Danish culture?
  5. Describe how you plan to get a better understanding of Denmark/Danish culture and meet the Funder’s / ScanDesign Foundation’s goals of fostering Danish-American relations:
    • 1.) Before your program?
    • 2.) During your program?
    • 3.) And after your program?
  6. If you would like to be eligible for additional need-based funds, please tell us about any challenges or obstacles you are facing in funding study abroad. How would obtaining this scholarship assist in making study abroad possible for you?
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