Dickie Family Sauk County Educational Fellowship

The purpose of this fund is to support a UW-Madison graduate student by providing full-time fellowship support to a student enrolled in science, mathematics, or engineering studies and lived in Sauk County, WI at the time of matriculation at the UW-Madison

In selecting a student for this fellowship, the Graduate School will give preference to returning adult students and to students who have not previously received these fellowship funds. Additionally, priority will be given to dissertators who have an expected doctoral time-to-degree that is no more than their academic program’s average Final Ph.D. Program time-to-degree and no more than the AAU peers’ average Final Ph.D. Program time-to-degree.

Eligibility Criteria
a) Pursuing a course of study in one of the academic programs in the Physical Sciences or Biological Sciences Divisions.
b) Residing in Sauk County, WI, at the time of matriculation at UW-Madison.

Additional preference will be given to returning adult students

Donor Information
This fund was established by in 1995 to recognize Ruth Strathearn Dickie (1913-1993), a Professor Emerita at UW-Madison and Director of Food and Nutrition Services for the UW Hospital

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The Graduate School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Primary academic program and degree
  2. Semester and Year of Entry to Graduate Program (e.g., Fall 2018)
  3. Will you be able to produce proof (bill/mail/ID) of your residency in Sauk County at the time of matriculation(right before you started in your program)?
  4. Undergraduate institution, major, and year of graduation
  5. Number of dependents
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