Charles J. and John E. Anderson Scholarship in C&I

This scholarship was established in 1961 in honor of Charles J. Anderson, the first Dean of the School of Education, by his wife. His son, John E. Anderson, Professor Emeritus, Physical Education & Dance. Charles J. Anderson served as principal of Galesville High School (1912 to 1915), Superintendent of Stoughton Schools (1915-1921), and as Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Wisconsin (1921-1926). He joined the UW-Madison School of Education faculty in 1926, became its director in 1928 and its first dean in 1930, a position he held until his retirement in 1947.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to a female undergraduate in her junior year who is studying elementary education and shows outstanding academic performance and promise as a leader in the teaching profession.

Award Information
Recipient selected by the All School Scholarship Committee.

School of Education