Letters & Science Honors Program Honors in the Liberal Arts Application

This application does not involve a scholarship or monetary award. It is only to let you apply for admission to the Honors in the Liberal Arts track of the Letters & Science Honors Program. See https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/admission/hla for additional information.

The final deadline for submitting an application to L&S Honors in the Liberal Arts as an incoming first-year student is May 15. However, you can submit your application by any of the deadlines below and we will notify you of your Honors admission status by the corresponding date.
Apply by February 10, receive Honors admission decision by March 15
Apply by March 15, receive Honors admission decision by May 1
Apply by May 15, receive Honors admission decision by June 24

Applying sooner rather than later has two advantages to you as a student. First, you will know your Honors admission decision sooner. Second, by applying early you can avoid the possibility of the Honors Program filling to capacity before we can consider your application.

Note that you do not need to have committed to attending UW-Madison to apply to L&S Honors.

If you are not admitted as an incoming student, you can reapply once you are on campus.

Approximately 70% of incoming freshmen applicants to L&S Honors are admitted each year. The Honors Program values applicants from all backgrounds.

L&S Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Answer either Part A or Part B: Part A: Provide an example of a time when you found that your ideas were in conflict with someone else’s, and analyze how you handled that situation. Part B: Describe and examine a conversation that you had with another person that inspired you to shift your ideas on an issue.
  2. It’s 2050 and you are the editor of a new magazine. Draft the magazine name, headline, and opening paragraph of the lead article. In a separate paragraph, address why you selected that particular topic, including details on why you think it will be of interest in 2050.
  3. Describe either a current issue or a historical moment that you are curious about, and explain how you would go about exploring that interest more deeply as a student at UW-Madison.
  4. ACTIVITIES: Examples: 1) Drama Club (10-12) 2) Varsity Cross Country Team (9-12) 3) Forensics/Debate Team (10-12) 4) High School Newspaper, the Hurricane (9-12)
  5. LEADERSHIP: Examples:1) Drama Club, Vice President (10, 11), President (12) 2) National Honor Society, Treasurer (12) 3) Varsity Cross Country Team, Captain (12) 4) Forensics/Debate Team, Co-Captain (12)
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