Jerome David Ambelang Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

The Jerome David Ambelang Undergrad Scholarship Fund provides an undergraduate scholarship to a School of Journalism and Mass Communication undergraduate student.

FAFSA required prior to awarding decisions

Eligibility Criteria
Only School of Journalism and Mass Communication majors are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The application to apply for this and all other School of Journalism and Mass Communication scholarships is open the first two weeks of every December. Please visit our website for additional information on how to apply. Preference in selection is given to students in the news/editorial journalism track.

Donor Information
Jerry Ambelang, a life-long Wisconsin resident and SJMC alumnus, worked for 39 years as a reporter for The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. His career began on the newspaper’s wire desk and culminated with his advancement to state editor in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Known for his “Ambling with Ambelang” column, much of his career was spent on the road chronicling life in Wisconsin politic,s crime, city government, education, natural disasters, and people from every walk of life. It was his human-interest stories that made him especially popular with his readers. Prior to becoming a news reporter, Ambling joined the U.S. Navy where he trained to become a naval aviator In addition to Ambelang’s desire to serve his country, his stint in the Navy made it possible for him to attend college with support from the GI Bill. He earned his BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and graduated with the class of 1956.

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