Arvil S. Barr Award (AS-GRD)

The award was established in 1984 by a bequest from the estate of Arvil S. Barr’s wife, Lillian Whittinghill Barr. A.S. Barr was a distinguished professor in the School of Education from 1924 until his death in 1962. He was nationally known for his works on the evaluation of learning and teacher effectiveness.

Eligibility Criteria
The recipient must be an advanced graduate student in the School of Education whose major focus, in terms of program of studies and research projects, is teacher education. Students at or near the dissertation level have been selected most frequently for these awards in previous years, though dissertation status is not a requirement.

Award Information
Departments make nominations. The summer award will consist of a single payment that will be paid to the recipient in June 2017.

School of Education