Laurence N. & Anella W. Dexter Scholarship

Anella Wieben graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1922 with a BS in Chemistry. She then received a MS in Chemistry from Northwestern University. She taught chemistry at various colleges and was working on her Doctorate when she met her future husband, Laurence, at the University of Nebraska. Laurence graduated from the University of Nebraska with a geology degree, and they moved from one small town to the next as he worked with a seismic crew until they landed in Houston, Texas permanently.
They were active members of the Houston Outdoor Nature Club, and although not a native Texan, Anella directed her efforts at preserving the beauty and natural resources that the state possessed. Their legacy continues with their work in Texas and with the scholarship they created to support students at UW-Madison.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to female undergraduate students in CALS. Preference given to senior students studying Natural Resources/Preservation.

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