The Lapinski Scholarship

Mrs. Leona Lapinski Leute has generously endowed a scholarship honoring her parents, Michael and Emily Lapinski, for students in the UW-Madison Polish program.

For undergraduate students currently enrolled at UW-Madison who will be continuing in UW-Madison in the next academic year or for graduate students entering into UW-Madison or continuing in a UW-Madison graduate program, the Lapinski Scholarship provides money for UW-Madison tuition for students studying Polish language, literature, and culture. The annual application deadline is March 1; when March 1 falls on a weekend, the deadline is first Monday following March 1. Applications consist of the student application dossier and two recommendations.

The Lapinski Scholarship provides awards to students who take Polish language, literature or culture classes. The scholarship varies from $500 to full tuition.

The student application dossier consists of the following materials:

1a. Lapinski Scholarship Application

1b. Statement of purpose: This is a Word essay in English of 800 to 1000 words in length. The essay should be in 12 point font and should be double-spaced. In your essay, explain your purpose(s) for studying Polish language, literature and culture and how the Polish program fits into your intellectual interests, academic plans and plans for life after graduation.

1c. UW-Madison transcript (unofficial campus copy is acceptable) and transcripts from any other colleges or universities attended after high school graduation (official copies for transcripts from other institutions)

1d. Sample of work in Polish studies: In English or Polish, in Word, not to exceed 10 pages in length. Graduate students who have not taken a Polish language or Polish literature class should submit a Russian Literature writing sample.

2. Two letters of recommendation: Please have the name and email of your chosen recommenders ready to submit. Recommenders must submit their information by the March 1 deadline. For all undergraduate applicants and continuing graduate applications, at least one of the recommendations must be from a faculty or staff member teaching Polish language, literature or culture at UW-Madison.

The Lapinski Scholarship award selection committee consists of all faculty and staff teaching Polish language, literature and culture at UW-Madison and the chair or associate chair of the Slavic Department. The committee will consider all the information in the application dossier and the recommendations and will give preference, among undergraduate applicants, to those who have declared a major in Polish and, among graduate applicants, to those for whom Polish is a significant part of their academic program (Second Slavic language, PhD minor in Polish, and/or dissertation plan focusing on Poland or Polish). Awards will be announced by April 1 annually.

from $500 to full tuition
Supplemental Questions
  1. Name and Contact Information
    • 1. First Name
    • 2. Last Name
    • 3. Madison Address
    • 4. Permanent Address
    • 5. UW Email
    • 6. UW Student ID Number
  2. Enrollment Information
    • 1. If you are an undergraduate, please select your *current* enrollment status here:
    • 2. If you have completed your bachelor's degree and are entering graduate school, please indicate the department where you will be matriculating.
    • 3. If you are a continuing graduate student at UW-Madison, indicate the highest degree you have already completed and name the department in which you are enrolled:
  3. Academic Program
    • 1. For undergraduates: Are you a Polish major?
    • 2. Other majors or certificates you have declared:
    • 3. For graduate students: Do you have a PhD minor in Polish?
    • 4. What is your area of focus on Poland and Polish language and culture?
  4. Polish Language Background
    • 1. Entering graduate students: Number of years of previous Polish study and name of institutions where you studied Polish:
    • 2. For all continuing students: Course number and semester/year of your highest level of Polish language class at UW-Madison (ex. Slavic 277, Spring 2018):
  5. Reference Request #1
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