SRGC Campus Weather Impact Award

This competition includes awards for UW-Madison graduate students whose research was impacted during the weather-related flooding that occurred in February 2019.

The application deadline for this award is May 17, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be graduates students enrolled in a traditional UW-Madison graduate program.

Applicants must have had their on-campus research impacted by the February 2019 weather events.

Materials covered by insurance cannot be included in this competition.

Students may not receive Student Research Grant funds totaling more than $1500 during the fiscal year (July 1, 2018 – June 31, 2019). If you have already received funds through either the Conference Travel or the Research Travel competitions, you are eligible so long as the total amount awarded does not exceed our funding limit.

How to Apply
All applicants for the Research Travel Awards will be considered for $600 and $1200 awards.

Students must provide a brief statement (max. 250 words) describing their impacted research.

Students must request a brief statement (max. 250 words) from their advisor or PI describing and confirming their impacted research.

Students should provide an estimate of the time, materials, travel, and other resources necessary to reproduce their impacted research.

Donor Information
Funding for these awards comes from WARF, and the Vilas Trust.
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$600 or $1200
The Graduate School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you already applied for SRCG conference or research travel this year?
  2. Was your research damaged or disrupted by the weather-related incidents that occurred in February 2019?
  3. Please indicate the building that housed your research.
  4. What is your current student status (Masters, PhD, Dissertator, etc.)?
  5. Choose the award level you are requesting. Your research budget should show that your expenses match or exceed this amount.
  6. What is the total estimated amount of your research budget?
  7. Please upload a budget that includes materials damaged or destroyed. Estimated costs for materials without a specific dollar amount (archival data, digital files, etc.) are permitted.
  8. Please provide a brief statement (max. 250 words) describing the impacted research project.
  9. Please submit the name and email address of your faculty advisor who can confirm that your research was damaged or disrupted by campus flooding.
  10. Have or are you filing an insurance claim for these materials? Note: materials covered by insurance are not eligible for this competition.
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