Theatre and Drama Scholarship Application

Theatre and Drama Scholarship Application: Completion of this application will qualify a student for all Theatre and Drama scholarships that the student is eligible for.

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School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (T&D) Please tell us more about yourself: What are your goals and accomplishments, including personal, extracurricular, and as a student in the Department of Theatre and Drama? What inspires you; what do you feel strongly about?
  2. (T&D) The Kaczmarek-Skloot Citizenship Prize is intended to recognize a student who 'embodies a sense of history, a sense of social justice, and a sense of humor.' Please describe how you fulfill these three criteria in a short essay which will be shared with both former Professor Bob Skloot, and his former student, Jane Kaczmarek. PLEASE READ THE HELP TEXT FOR MORE DETAILS.
  3. (T&D) What is your main interest or pursuit in Theatre and Drama (select as many as apply).
  4. (T&D) Summer Study Scholarship
    • PLEASE READ HELP TEXT FOR DETAILS, then respond to the following statement by selecting 'yes' or 'no' below: I have read and understand that to be eligible for this opportunity, I must complete the application for UW-Madison Undergraduate Scholarship for Summer Study AND the School of Education's AND Theatre and Drama's scholarship application (this application).
    • Which Theatre and Drama course do you wish to enroll, or have already enrolled, in for summer term?