All School Undergraduate and Teacher Education Scholarships

This application is for scholarships for which ANY School of Education undergraduate student is eligible. It is also the portal for general Teacher Education scholarships.

Please note that per donor request, the vast majority of scholarships are awarded to students already admitted to their program, which typically occurs heading into a student’s junior year. A few departments award scholarships to freshmen, sophomores, or even incoming freshmen; students will have access to these based on their incoming major intent. There are also several scholarships based on financial need.

There are also departmental scholarships available to students one they are admitted to their programs; these require separate applications and students qualify for them based on their academic classification.

If you have any questions, please contact

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (AS) Please answer only ONE of the following questions.
    • Incoming students: Peruse the UW-Madison Guide (which lists departments and courses; found here: Find a course or courses in your intended field of study that look interesting to you and explain why.
    • Current UW-Madison students: Choose a class you have taken that is not required for your major or program (e.g., one of your Liberal Studies or Breadth courses). Explain how that class has informed or changed your perspective about an issue that is important to you.
  2. (AS) Please describe your educational and professional goals for the next 10 years. Describe how your education at the UW-Madison will uniquely prepare you to be successful in your future endeavors.