Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity (LEED) Scholarship

The Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity (LEED) Scholarship Application is a single, common application associated with multiple scholarship funds, including the Rockwell Automation Corporate Scholars, the Rod Hassett Engineering Scholarship, the Gary Wendt Engineering Diversity Scholarship, the Thermo Fisher STEM Engineering Scholarship and many others. These donors for these scholarship funds are dedicated to providing financial support to high-achieving students interested in majoring in an engineering program and who are underrepresented in engineering. Underrepresented groups include U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are women, racial/ethnic minority students, first generation, and low-income students.

In order to begin the LEED Scholarship Application, students must first complete the College of Engineering – Incoming Freshmen (Conditional) Application. Together, the two applications will allow incoming students to be evaluated for all Freshman Achievement Award scholarships, as well as all LEED Scholarship funds.

Students who are awarded scholarships through the Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity Scholarship Application become a member of the LEED Scholars community associated with the Diversity Affairs Office. LEED Scholars are supported through Diversity Affairs Office advising and academic resources, meet monthly for a meal and student development programs, and can participate in LEED Links mentoring program. LEED Scholarships are renewable annually provided continuation criteria are met. Continuation criteria include attendance at LEED monthly meetings, term and cumulative GPA of 2.8 or greater, and advising appointments each semester of the first academic year.

To learn more about the Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity (LEED) program, visit our program site.

$1,500 to Full-Tuition
College of Engineering, College of Engineering - Diversity Affairs Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. List extracurricular activities (especially leadership or service, and particularly include activities related to diversity, inclusivity or social justice), offices held, employment or volunteer experiences and the dates/duration of each (most recent first). Please include only high school experiences.
  2. List any FIRST Robotics clubs, FIRST Lego, or FIRST Competitions. Include the name of the team and of your FIRST coach (Optional).
  3. List participation in any high school Project Lead the Way courses (Optional).
  4. Essays
    Essays are a major factor in scholarship selection. You have a limited number of words so it is important to carefully select what to include. You may wish to write your essays in Word for grammar and spell checking, and to ensure your ability to edit, then cut/paste to this application. While you are working in the online application, be sure to save your work frequently.
    • Essay 1: Please describe how you would contribute to the Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity (LEED) Scholars Program?
    • Essay 2: Please describe a time when you have joined an organization or participated in an activity where your peers were people from different backgrounds. Please describe what you learned about yourself by working in a diverse setting. If you have never had this type of opportunity, please describe what you hope to learn about yourself from an experience like this.
  5. Most scholarships associated with this application require federal financial need. A preliminary evaluation of your financial need will be through the questions below. However, in order to be awarded a scholarship you must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the UW-Madison Office of Financial Aid and it must be officially verified. This process takes some time, so it is important that you submit a FAFSA as soon as possible.

    I understand that I must submit a FAFSA and it must be verified before I can receive a scholarship associated with this application:
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