Department of History Undergraduate Scholarships

By completing this application, you will be considered for the following scholarships from the Department of History:

  • The Willard L. Huson Scholarship
  • The Steven A. and Barbara S. Jaffe History Scholarship
  • The Orson S. Morse History Scholarship
  • The Margaret E. Smith-Esther Butt History Scholarship
  • The Goldberg Scholarship in History

Awards range in the amount of $500 to $2,000. Your application will be considered for specific scholarships based on your answers to the questions in this application, and the materials provided.

Conditions of Award
Recipients of a Department of History undergraduate scholarship will be required to submit a thank you letter to our donors before the funds will be disbursed.

Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your expected graduation date? (Month, Year)
  2. What is your History GPA? (You can find this GPA listed in the Major section of your History DARS report)
  3. Have you taken at least 12 credits of History? This should not include courses you are currently taking.
  4. Please submit a brief cover letter that details why you are especially qualified to receive a scholarship from the Department of History.
  5. Please request a letter of recommendation that will speak to your deserving of a scholarship from the Department of History. Please list the name and email address of the person who will be submitting a letter on your behalf here. The person recommending you should email their letter to Sophie Olson,, by the application deadline.
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