Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP)

Advanced Opportunity Program support is intended to support the recruitment and retention of highly qualified underrepresented students in UW-Madison programs. Funds for this program come from the State of Wisconsin.

The AOP is competitive and merit-based. AOP eligibility is not considered a guarantee of funding but leads to consideration. At a minimum, to be considered for AOP funding, students must be a full-time student at the School of Pharmacy and a United States citizens or permanent residents. (Students on probation cannot receive AOP funding.) Beyond merit, preference is given to Wisconsin residents.

FAFSA required prior to awarding decisions

Eligibility Criteria
1) Students from the following racial/ethnic groups: a) African American; b) American Indian or Alaskan Native; c) Hispanic/Latino; d) statutorily defined Southeast Asian;

OR 2) Students who participated in one of the following programs: Upward Bound, TRIO, Talent Search

OR 3) First-generation college students

School of Pharmacy