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Anna R. Nassif

Anna Nassif received her MFA at UW-Madison in 1965. She joined the dance faculty in 1967 and served as chairperson 1979-1981. Her dance education includes working with Martha Graham, Louis Horst, Erick Hawkins, Nina Fonaroff and Alwin Nikolais. During her MFA she studied music alongside dance leading her to work as an instructor in music in 1956-1957. She has received numerous grants to pursue research in performance and choreography in South East Asia, Spain and India. She has presented approximately 200 choreographic works, master classes and lecture demonstrations. She published five articles in 1990 and is the author of an unpublished manuscript, Choreographing the Wisconsin Dance Idea. She has founded, developed and taught all levels of dance repertory, along with having taught various levels of technique. She has taught and developed advanced courses in composition, history, theory, philosophy, production and criticism that live on in the University Dance Program today.